Friday, 30 November 2012

Woman goes nude to prove a point at a board meeting

During a hearing of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Neighborhood Services Committee in which officials discussed a ban on public nudity, nudity activist Gypsy Taub stepped up to the podium and addressed the committee.

“Nudity does not harm children,” she said. “Have you ever seen a child cry because they saw a naked person? What do children do when they see naked people? They laugh. It makes them happy, it doesn’t traumatize them. Nudity is natural and harmless. Our bodies are God’s gift and God doesn’t make mistakes. Attacking our right to be nude is an attack on sacredness, beauty, love freedom, art and creative self-expression.”

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Taub then removed her dress, revealing a nary an undergarment, and declared, “attacks on body freedom are unconstitutional and un-American.” She was quickly escorted out of the room by police officers while chanting, “Up with body freedom, down with Scott Wiener.” Naturally, Taub was greeted with a rousing round of applause–probably for a whole variety of reasons.

In the hallway outside the committee room, Taub was detained by police and eventually put her clothes back on. “Nudity does not harm anyone,” she added. “It’s people’s actions and not people’s bodies that harm people. Clothes have never stopped anyone from sexual harassment; they have not stopped anyone from raping; clothes have never stopped anyone form getting raped. It is nothing to do with clothes, it has to do with people’s actions.” The San Francisco Chronicle notes that Taub had sent out press release to various media outlets announcing her intention to disrobe during the meeting.

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