Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Obama triumphs in battleground to win second-term with Gangnam Style

President Barack Obama on Tuesday defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney in Democratic strongholds and key battleground states. He surpassed the decisive 270-vote threshold in the Electoral College with victory in Ohio. He won 303 electoral...
votes to 203 from Romney.

Statistics Says:  Exit polls indicated that white voters made up 72% of the electorate, with African Americans, Latinos and other minorities comprising a growing share. Overall, Obama led by 40,000 votes with 75% of the unofficial national tally counted. He also won Romney's birth state of Michigan, along with Colorado, Nevada, California, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, Rhode Island, Hawaii and the District of Columbia.

Bravo! My President is really Black... Congrats... I also love the Gangnam Style Talk...

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