Saturday, 24 November 2012

My very own sis. 'Linda Ikeji' in Washington DC... Pow!

Linda Ikeji is one of Nigerians finest media practirioners (Blogger). She's been in the game for two years or more...

She said and I quote: Hey Washington DC LIBers, your girl is in town. Yay! I'm here on a US sponsored programme. Yep, the American government invited me to America! All expense paid trip to different States. Imagine!! It's their annual Visitors Exchange Programme and I was picked for the programme this year. Not just me, a few other prominent Nigerians are here. Big names! I'm the youngest here and I sincerely can't figure out why I was selected. Someone mentioned influential. Hehe.

Kindly, read more below...

I feel so blessed and so honored and can only thank God for how much he has changed my life! Anyway, I'm in DC now, will be in Kansas City, Missouri in a few days, and Dallas Texas upper week. I'm here for 17 days, so it would be nice to meet some LIB readers who reside in the states I mentioned. Holla @ me via email if you care to meet me *wink* - Just arrived at my hotel, need to find something to eat, shower and then rest. Long, tiring flight. Catch you guys later. Kisses to all. Muah!

Sis., take care and  have a fun-pack trip!... #Bad Belle, *go & swim in thrid mainland water*

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