Monday, 5 November 2012

Heart-warming photos and tweets show random acts of generosity after Hurricane Sandy

A little kindness goes a long way: Heart-warming photos show how Eastcoasters rocked by Sandy came together in their time of need with random acts of generosity. A heart-warming collection of photographs and tweets has captured the myriad acts of kindness from the past week, as the hardships of Hurricane Sandy brought devastated communities across the tri-state area together.

From the Mayor of Newark inviting constituents into his home to charge their phones and watch DVDs to an East Village doctor offering free treatments and kids selling cookies to raise money for the relief effort, the stories encapsulate how, in their time of need, people were helping each other. Many were not prepared for the onslaught Superstorm Sandy dealt New York, New Jersey and other east coast areas on Monday night and thousands of residents had refused to leave their homes after a mandatory call to evacuate.

 One user posted a photo of rescue workers with an adorable toddler who they trudged through high water and cut trees to clear a path to save after the surge. Another image shows Staten Island resident Emily Ellington on Friday as she handed out one of 40 pizzas to locals devastated by the storm.

Scores of restaurants including The Dutch in Manhattan and Lonestar Taco served up free food to the many residents who were left for five days without power, food or fresh water, tweeting the news to their followers. Many of those who still had electricity offered up their power plugs so passers by could charge their phones and contact loved ones.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker used Twitter to invite Hurricane Sandy victims to his house to charge their electronics, watch movies, and even get a free lunch, warming the hearts of his constituents. East Village doctor Dave Ores offered his services to anyone in need of help, posting on his tumblr, 'I'm open today if I can help anyone. Until 6pm Spread the word. Thanks. 189 east 2nd street btw A and B.' He also handed out dozens of sandwiches on the streets near his surgery in the aftermath of the Hurricane.

Even celebrities came out to show they cared, with Ben Stiller helping at a food stand and the Bon Jovi visiting residents in his flood affected home town of Sayreville, New Jersey. These are just some of the touching stories that prove in times of need the best of mankind often emerges, even in a city as big as New York.

By Helen Pow

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