Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Halle Berry’s ex shows off awful fight injuries

Gabriel Aubry was left with a massive shiner and a broken rib in the Thanksgiving fight with Olivier Martinez. And the male model — pictured in a hospital gown after the beating — has cuts under his left eye and on his forehead. The scuffle broke out on Halle’s doorstep as her former lover dropped their daughter – four-year-old Nahla – off at the house. * coughing* How massive can that be to the battered eye above... Abeg!*Let's move on...

Gabriel, who was arrested on the scene, reportedly threw the first punch after Olivier told him to “move on.” The French actor then pinned him to the ground and, by the looks of his battered face, gave him quite a pasting. The violent ruck was thought to have happened in front of the little girl.

more photo after the cut...

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