Wednesday, 28 November 2012

FACEBOOK has nudged its way back... for banning this harmless shot of a girl in the bath

The social media giant was left cherry-faced when an online magazine posted the snap - which contains no nudity - to test their censorship policies. Theories Of The Deep Understanding Of Things was concerned at the recent ban of photos depicting breastfeeding on the site. So they uploaded this cheeky shot of a blonde resting her elbows on the side of a tub - and found it deleted from their FB page within minutes. Hahaha! Lol! Let's go on... Trigger-happy moderators took one look at the beaming lass and mistook her elbows for NIPPLES. *Chuckling* hmmm!
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Now Facebook has been forced to apologise and reinstate the picture - but not before a barrage of criticism and ribbing from users.

Now, my question is, Is this picture legal or illegal? *Wink*

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  1. Hahahahahha. It sure looks like nipples,I als to those were nipples at first! lol