Thursday, 29 November 2012

Couples paying sex coach £150 an hour to watch them makelove

FRUSRATED couples are paying a sex coach to WATCH them have sex - for £150 an hour. Sex therapist Eric Amaranth observes their technique and offers tips and guidance to help them improve their love lives. The New York-based tutor says he has around 200 clients - riding the wave of a bizarre new trend in hands-on sex therapy.

One couple who sought the guru's help were actress Aniela McGuinness and her husband Jourdan both 29. Eric watched from a chair in the corner of a hotel room as they made love in front of him and he supplied a range of sex toys and issued instructions. The couple tried out various intimate sex acts on each other - most for the first time.
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Now they say by following the coach's advice they are more confident in the bedroom and are enjoying the best sex of their relationship. Thrilled Mrs McGuinness told Grazia magazine: "I was nervous at first, of course. I wasn't sure how easily I would be able to relax.

"But it was an incredible experience. I had orgasms like I've never had before - with him in the room." Hahaha!

Lol! I might try this one out... *If I hear* ^tongue out.


  1. I think couples maybe better off spending their money at Sex Shops rather than on so called professionals! £150 could get you come interesting things!

  2. Yea.. I agree with you! May be they've gat so much money to spend

  3. You guys should free them... I think that's the only best way they find to hit orgasm