Saturday, 24 November 2012

BIZZARE: Human eater who sells body parts to ritualists has been arrested in Badagry

Joshua Akindele, 56-year-old, a native of Etokia in ogun State who is a cannibal operates under a hole at Gbaji bridge along the border of Badagry and Seme road. He's said to be a Motorcycle (Okada) rider.

The security guards claimed that he was introduced into the business by a friend who said he can't make a decent living after riding an Okada for 15years. His confession, was that he eats and sells human parts to ritualists and some churches.. Hmmm... Is that for wealth or annointing?

These are the charges of the body parts biz: Heads - #7,500; Breast - #1,500; Penises - #1,000; Hands & Legs - #3,500

Can you imagine? *already having goose bumps on my body*

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