Monday, 12 November 2012

Are Nigerian Pastors Extorters and Superstars?

Please accept this article the way it is. I might not write it professionally, but, I'm trying to pour out my anger from the recent breaking news, have been hearing... Did I just say breaking news? Yes, they really are.

Yesterday,10th November, 2012, I read Pastor Oritsejafor acquired a private jet worth billions of naira. The other time I read the Nigerian pastor ranks with their private jets... For example, Pastor E.A. Adegboye, Pastor David Oyedepo, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi and the host of others...

I also got another critical news on Linda Ikeji Blog which says: "That's CAN president, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor's wife coming out of her white stretch limo. Private jets, expensive homes, Limo rides...these men of God are really living the life. They need to start teaching pentecostal evangelism in universities, so more people can come out of the poverty trap. And no, I'm not taking back my words. *tongue out*

Sister Linda, you don't need to take back your words. Cos the truth has to be told. You have the Expensive cars, Private jet, Homes and Properties, also keep foreign accounts and you can't help the less privileged church members, keep on extorting from them, keeping them in the dark, feeding them with all sorts of delusions, Illusions, false impressions, fantasies etc. We need to be up and stop living in these spell of Christainity.

We are blind, and that's why we can't figure out the truth, we sometimes believe we aren't...but to be factual, we are. The leaders keep cheating on us, even in our faces and we sit helpless, hopeless... forgetting that the country we put our all in all is being tampered with and destroyed by the so called Political Giants and Political Pastors.

The so-called Pastors, General Overseers and the host of other titles... Keep doing things for their interest and to favour them. For instance: The Church has a private university that was built by the sweat and sufferings of the Church members who laboured day and night... to meet up 3 square meals... but couldn't, who work under the sun and rain to contribute for the Church's School Building... And these same people are denied of admission into the schools... Because the school fees is pricey, exhorbitant, and unaffordable to the less privilege. These has  made Illiterates and Drop outs burst into countless number in the streets...

These "Ministers" live Luxurios, Classy, Posh Lives... Becoming SuperStars and making themselves known by the public as gods and dons...

The question am left to ask is WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO? 
Is Private Jet The Optimum? If we can buy properties worth billions of naira, and we've got members who can't even boast of one square meal a day. Do we have the Human conscience? *SAD*

By Chukwuma E. Chidiebere (Chiboy Chuks)


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  2. Yes. I agree with Gossippme. It was a birthday present, he did not acquire it. Read again and edit.

  3. Dude you've got to be careful....
    Extremely careful...
    Whatever they do isn't your business...
    Don't get yourself into trouble...