Tuesday, 13 November 2012

28-year-old woman suffers EYEBALL explosion

Liz Hodgkinson, 28, has been diagnosed of split cornea.she hopes surgeons can save her sight after her left eyeball 'exploded'

She said: 'I knew I had a condition called keratoconus (a bulging of the cornea) because my mother had it and my brother has it.

It's the second time she's suffering from a split cornea. This creepy spell has caused her optical fluid to dribble out of her eye. The first...
time she had such experience was during a driving lesson two years back. 'But what I had, where the cornea split, is called hydrops. My case was so extreme that it has been written about in a medical journal.'

Beneath the bandage, Liz's left eye is resting ahead of a procedure where a sample of human cornea will be implanted in the hope it will prevent the thin tissue from breaking open and blinding her.

I hope you get the Miracle! #BELIEVE

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