Monday, 19 November 2012

12 risky bus-stops in Lagos

To help Lagos commuters and other pedestrians stay off harm’s way, Sunday Sun has identified most of the notorious bus stops that should be used with caution.

1. Berger bus stop: Danger on long bridge

2. Estate bus stop: Here there’s no night or day - Bamboo is a dangerous spot along Oworonsoki – Ibadan Expressway, about 100 metres from Alapere Housing Estate Bus stop. Investigation revealed...
that criminals from the hideout always attack early morning commuters at the Estate bus stop and escape to their base.

3. First Gate junction, Agidingbi: Hard core robbery point - Anyone going to Agidingbi in Ikeja from Berger will pass through a spot called First Gate junction. This is not a bus stop per say, but it has become a black spot where criminals attack people and dispossess them of their valuables without help from the security agents.

4. Boundary bus stop in Ajegunle: One million boys’ gang territory

5. Ijora bus stop: One chance, gang rape…

6. Mile 2 Oke: Hammers, knives, guns used to rob motorists in traffic jam

7. Church bus stop: Hidden haven of urchins - This bus stop is small but mighty. It is located before Agboju on Mile 2 – Badagry Expressway. There is a small bush on the right hand side of the road to Badagry axis from Mile 2 where urchins hide. If you are a stranger who does not know about their activities, once you alight from the bus at night, they would jump out from the bush, rob you and disappear into the night. The same thing happens to people who leave home early in the morning for business.

8. Agric bus stop: Arms buried, exhumed for operations here - Findings have shown that Agric bus stop, located between Barracks and Volks bus stops along Mile 2-Badagry Expressway is one of the most dangerous bus stops in Lagos at present.

9. Abulosu bus stop: Drivers collude with roughnecks here - This is a bus stop immediately after the Trade Fair complex, under the Bridge along Mile 2 Badagry – Expressway. The bad boys operate on the same right side of the road to Badagry from Mile 2, just as they do at Agric bus stop. The place is usually deserted in the evening because people don’t live around there.

10. Cassidy bus stop: Students cultists incharge - Cassidy is a bus stop before Okokomaiko and also along Mile 2-Badagry Expressway. Like most other bad bus tops, the hoodlums operate at night and very early in the morning.

11. Leventis bus stop: Okada robbers once ruled - Leventis is the first bus stop as you enter the Lagos Island. There are criminal elements that attack and dispossess people of their valuables early in the morning at the bus stop.

12. School bus stop: Small axes, jack knives weapons of choice - Located at School junction along Mba-Mile 2 road in Ajegunle, School bus stop is very dangerous. Hoodlums always attack people at the bus stop at night and early in the morning.

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