Tuesday, 13 November 2012

10 Creepy Mistakes Job Seekers Make

I was going through some articles today and I thought it wise to share these with you guys. A new top source has just found out the 10 Scary Mistakes Peeps Always Make.

1. Frightening your network. Most job seekers always compel their contacts to chase after jobs, as if it were...
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2. Not following up with contacts you meet during networking. Most job seekers are guilty of not keeping in touch with the people who may be able to influence their search. When you meet someone who seems interested in you and who is willing to be a resource, make sure to keep in touch. But please, do it with sense...Don't stalk.

3. Not identifying and including targeted keywords in your resume and online materials. If you're applying for jobs and hoping for the best, you may as well dig a hole and throw your resume inside and place a "theme" on top. It's crucial that your job search materials clearly indicate why you're a good fit for the positions you want. Analyze job descriptions for the words describing skills and accomplishments the employers require. Be sure your resume reflects your abilities in those selected areas, or you'll never be the "fairest of them all."

4. Making your resume about your past instead of your future. Be sure you don't mummify your skills. The resume is a marketing document, not a history of things you've done. I hope its taken

5. Failing to eliminate errors. Mistakes are a job search killer. That includes ill-advised online posts that will make a hiring manager question your judgment, as well as typographical error and outright mistakes. also dress-up well

6. Scaring off hiring managers by applying for every position. Just because you can apply for every job does not mean you should. Simply, avoid all forms of greed.

7. Not preparing to answer important questions in interview. If you want to win a competitive costume contest, you'll plan in advance and have everything you need to create your "look." Similarly, when it's time to interview, it's up to you to practice what you'll say. Identify the company's pain points--what are the employer's main concerns and why is this position available? If they need someone with specific skills, be sure you'll be able to describe why you're the best person with those skills. But please don't do too much Oooo

8. Not tapping into social media. If you've decided your privacy is more important than anything else, you're making a big mistake. Seize the opportunity. Let people know what you offer via social media. Use your status updates in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to showcase your expertise and to grow the network of people who know, like, and trust you. Best of all!

9. Throwing up your hands and giving up. Unlike unsuspecting people in scary movies who always seem to find trouble, people who aren't putting out the right feelers are not likely to find jobs. If you haven't had any luck in your job search, it's time to change your luck by trying some new things. Follow the tips in this list to start off on a new foot.You might be the reason these article is actually here.

10. Letting your guard down once you get a job. Once you do land in the job you've been seeking, celebrate, but don't get complacent. No job is forever. Keep your resume up-to-date, and don't stop networking.


  1. I have been looking for NJ Jobs, and there are few of them. I have found a couple to apply to, and I want to make sure I do it correctly. It has been a while since I've had to job search. I'm rusty. Thank you for the advice.