Monday, 1 October 2012

Why it is better to be Stylish than Trendy

If there was one fashion tip I would like to pass on to the women of the world it would be this: “We should all try to dress a little less trendy and try being a little more stylish instead.”

There is a big difference between looking trendy and looking stylish and it is all in the way you approach fashion.

A woman who is trendy has a modern, up-to-the-minute look that changes based on current fads and what is ‘in’. A woman who is stylish has a timeless look based on a personal understanding of her own taste, body shape and an acceptance of what works for her.

A trendy wardrobe is dictated by mainstream fashion media, while a stylish wardrobe is based on personal needs and preference.

Fashion doesn’t have to be painful or evil. Women don’t need to hate or fear fashion, we all simply need to reevaluate our relationship with it. Instead of trying to emulate what we see on TV and in magazines we need to find outfits which we love and which work for us.

Trying to follow fashion trends is what sends young women out on a winter’s night, wobbling on too tall heals and shivering in short skirts and tank tops. Trends don’t work in every situation, climate and they do not look good on every body type. Short denim shorts look great on size 6 models on TV but in the real world, on regular sized women, they often look horrendous.

Some trends can look stylish if approached in the right way.  For example skinny jeans with a pair of pumps, a nice shirt and blazer can be a very stylish and well put together outfit on the right body type, attending the right event. No matter how trendy or fashionable items of clothing are, if they are not suited to the individual and the situation they will not look stylish.

A stylish person will ask themselves three questions before wearing an outfit: Does this look good on my body? This is really the most important element of stylish dressing – is this the right outfit for you.

Is it suitable for the event you are attending? This can also refer to the place, activity and climate. A beautiful cocktail dress is never going to be fashionable at a football match in the dead of winter. Dress for your situation.

Do I feel comfortable? If you are uncomfortable it shows. Shoes that don’t fit, pant that are too tight, shirts too low cut- discomfort shows on your face. A person who is relaxed and comfortable in their attire always looks better dressed.

Article by Sharon Freeman who writes about Tluxe. designer of women’s clothing and Designer Womens Pants that combine luxury and comfort.

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