Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What's The Perfect Age To Bear Children?

Alice and John discuss the best age to have children. It was presented has a topic in an argument -- and was observed, that kids gotten in an early age of  thirties are more taken care of than the twenties... It also brought examples of the famous musical artiste: JayZ - Beyonce, Willsmith etc.

Hillary Duff thinks it's when you're in your twenties because you won't feel the pressure to have more kids quickly. Also she concluded that babies gotten at twenties, gives mom enough strength to carry out Labour pains. Cos of the young age. -- but Ali's not convinced. She had her first child at age 36, and she thinks she wouldn't have been as attentive to her kids' needs if she had them at a younger age.

ChiboyChuks Opinion: What do you think is the best age to have kids? Tell us in the comments!

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