Thursday, 4 October 2012

UK Mobile Operators in Talks Over 4G Networks

For most of the mobile networks, the 4G Networks were meant to have been running in the United Kingdom but owing to Ofcom’s action termed as being ‘Sluggish’ towards the introduction and it is seen as frustrating. But prior to the meeting, O2 was optimistic about the chances of a summer 2013 launch.

EE has so far withheld any firm dates of the public release of its 4G service, but today’s discussions could pave the way for an October launch.

The other networks, particularly Vodafone and O2 were enraged by EE’s 4G head start; however, if they decide to set up a legal challenge they would risk further reducing the speed of their own progress.
However, Three might take over a portion of EE’s 4G spectrum next September with the stand of things right now.

O2 and Vodafone will be able to offer 4G services only after gaining control of the other parts of the radio spectrum when they are eventually freed up and sold off and Ofcom could speed things up by bringing the auction, which is expected to happen in January.

This would mean that 4G networks could be launched by May or June, rather than the latter part of next year. This would also confine EE’s period of exclusivity to around half a year.

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