Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Prospect at Tuesday's Apple "Mini" Launching

Apple is expected to announce a mini 7.85-inch version of its iPad at a press conference in San Jose, California, Tuesday morning. Rumors has been ahead of announcement, as they were for last month's iPhone 5 unveiling, but there's still the potential for a few surprises.

All signs point to a smaller iPad with specifications similar to the iPad 2. The two models might turn out to have an iPhone/iPod touch relationship, with the smaller iPad always one generation behind in the features department. That means it won't have a Retina screen just yet, though it will probably sport the new Lightning connector port. A recent Apple Insider report shows 12 possible configurations, dabbling in different memory sizes (from 8GB to 64GB), connection options (WiFi or WiFi + cellular) and colors (black or white).

Apple customers have proven they are willing to pay a premium for their products.

The decision to make a smaller device is a change of heart for the company. Apple prides itself on designing products people didn't even know they wanted. Apple's late chief executive Steve Jobs told BusinessWeek in 1998, "It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."

That's what Apple did when it released the 9.7-inch iPad in 2010. The tablet has gone on to sell more than 84 million units, including the original iPad, the iPad 2 and the third-generation iPad.

Jobs infamously dismissed 7-inch tablets in an earnings call later that same year, calling them "dead on arrival," going on to say the size was "too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad." Now it seems the company is changing its tune and listening to the demands of the masses, in addition to trying to predict what they'll want next.

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I just, can't wait for the launching... Lol!

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