Thursday, 4 October 2012

Man Uses Apple as Bait to Rape 12-year-old Girl

For daring to defile a 12 year old co-tenant, Chieze Nwankwo, a local government staff of Okposi Development Centre in Ebonyi State was disgraced by his neighbors and subsequently arrested by the Police.

It was gathered that Chieze was caught pants down by the mother of the victim as he was forcefully penetrating the private part of the ward. She raised alarm which later led to the arrest of the alleged rapist.

It was further learnt that Nwankwo lured Miss Chioma Ogbonnaya, a primary six pupil of Umunoka Primary School, Okposi, to his room with an apple.

Recounting what transpired between her and the man she calls ‘uncle’, Chioma explained that the accused enticed her with an apple to his room. Oblivious of what awaits her, she entered the room to cheerfully accept his ‘bait’ and before she knew what was happening, he had removed her clothes and over powered her.

In an emotion laden voice the pupil said, “When I took my bucket to fetch water at the well, Chieze called me to his house and said I should come and collect an apple. I went in to collect the apple and asked him whether he too would also eat but before I could understand what was happening, he quickly pulled off his clothes, pushed me to the ground and fell on top of me.

“I told him to get off me but he refused and I started crying but there was nobody in the compound until my mother started calling me. I told him that my mother was calling me but he refused to listen to me until my mother came and pushed the door open.

“As soon as he saw my mother, he took his towel and told my mother that it was an apple he wanted to give to me.”
Still so embittered about the callous defilement of his12 years old daughter, the father of the victim, Mr. Peter Ogbonnaya, who earns a living as mechanic, made an urgent call to the Enugu state government, Non Governmental Organizations, and relevant security agencies in the country to aid in combating such heinous crime while perpetrators should never go unpunished.

However, the victim has been taken to Okposi general hospital by her mother, Mrs. Nnena Ogbonnaya, to ascertain the level of the damage the forceful penetrations has done to their daughter’s private part as well as conduct a test for sexually transmitted diseases.

Although it was alleged that the culprit who is a management Committee member in charge of works department in Okoposi Development center has long been released by his friends, when the press visited the police station, the investigating police officer of the case, refused to give his name, but confirmed the incident which he also claimed had been transferred to Obiozara police station for proper investigation to determine the authenticity of the rape charges.

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