Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indian Girl Seeks Justice After Gang Rape

She's just 16 years old and one month ago was about to sit her final-year exams when she says she was shoved into a car and gang-raped by eight men in a small village in the Indian state of Haryana.

"I remember being driven by the canal, all the guys were standing there then four more boys came on a motorbike," said the teenager, who had been hoping to be the first female high school graduate in her family.

"There were approximately 12 men. Eight men raped me, they then fed me a pill, they filmed the whole thing and left."

The teenager kept her ordeal secret for 10 days before her mother noticed something was wrong.

"She would just lie in bed all day, she wouldn't talk, she wouldn't eat, I thought she was ill. Those rapists had threatened to kill our family and show the video to the entire village if she opened her mouth," she said.

The 16-year-old's mother also remained silent.

"People told me to forget about what had happened. They said this is a matter of your daughter's reputation. Who will marry her if people find out she was raped? Let it be, don't make a big deal," she said.

When her father heard about the rape video, he couldn't live with the thought of his daughter's pain and how she would be judged by society, her mother said.

He committed suicide by swallowing pesticides.

Devastated by his death, the teenager vowed to seek justice, not only for herself but other rape victims in Haryana, many of whom are too scared to report the crime.

"It happens a lot with dalit [lower caste] girls but they keep quiet because they fear for their reputation. I probably would not have spoken up either but I didn't want my father's sacrifice to go to waste," she said.
Child marriage is not a solution to protecting girls from sexual crimes including rape
U.N. agencies letter

Police say all eight of the accused rapists have been arrested and are awaiting trial.

By Sumnima Udas, and Anjani Trivedi

ChiboyChuks Opinion: I just hope the case is given a be-fitted judgement.

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