Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"I’m Scared of Going into Another Relationship..." - 23yrs-old Girl Seeks Help

I have a problem with my relationship. I am 23yrs old and a barrister already, I am from the Yoruba Tribe but my problem is that I am not in any relationship. Considering that I've had only 2 serious affairs and it all ended because I felt drained and exhausted, I am currently lonely and I need advice from all TON readers

 All my previous relationship ended because:

1. I usually do the spending in the relationship (Such as paying his electricity bills, buying fuel in his car, changing his wears both underwears, also feeding him).

2. All my ex guys seems to care less about how I feel. I mean they are usually indifferent about me me not caring on the way I make the money, how I paymy bills etc.

3. As soon as I see those signals I move on and don't waste my time though I go home and cry my eyes out.

Another problem is that my parents want to know who I am dating since I am the last child and I really need a sincere, loving, and comfortable guy who would treat me like the lady I am supposed to be. I am scared of going into any relationship in fact I am confused. I need relationship tips.

Thanks a bunch.

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