Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How to Cope With Romantic Feelings for Your Roommate

When two people share room it is pretty normal to develop a bonding for your roommate. However, the relationship doesn’t always stay friendly and it becomes difficult to deal with when you develop a romantic feeling for your roommate; especially, when you have not desired so. These feelings can complicate the things for you and can turn your life into a living hell. Hence, it becomes important to learn the tricks to deal with your feelings for your roommate before things go out of your hand.

If you too are finding yourself developing amorous feelings for your roommate and wondering how to deal with the situation, check out the following tips. Here is a guidebook to cope up with intensified romantic feelings for your roommate.

Block the feelings: If you have no desire to develop feelings for your roommate the best way to deal with the situation is to block your feelings for him/her. You may need to analyze your feelings towards him/her before tagging it as romantic. It may be only that you feel grateful or indebted for the favors (s)he has done to you once.

Keep it casual: Friendly bantering, teasing and flirting can make your roommate feel that he/she is special for you. But you can keep things casual when you behave the same way with the other friends as well. Keeping things casual will prevent your room partner from developing any special feelings towards you and will keep the relation less complicated.

Express yourself: If you feel that you can’t cope up with your feelings any more then it may help expressing yourself. You’ll need to find a way to learn if he/she has the same feelings. However, you might not make your feelings overt unless you get clear indications that he/she too harbors same feelings for you. You can find it out in the following ways.

Chat: Have a frank discussion where you may try to get your partner involved in intimate chatting. A right ambience may help him/her expressing themselves. It will help clearing the confusion. It may be that your roommate is shy and nervous to express their feelings for you. The right ambience will help them shed their cover.

Ask covertly: You may ask him/her suggestive questions and probe into the matter to find out if there are feelings involved on the other side too. You may ask him/her questions like- his/her love interests, past relationships etc. you may throw hints like- you are not satisfied with your present engagements, or, you want to settle down and looking for cute partner etc.

Developing feelings for your roommate is normal since you are spending most of your time with him/her. So, there is no shame in feeling weak for your roommate. Try and find out if your roommate too is feeling the same way for you or not. It is important to explore the ideas so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity of developing a fruitful relationship.

Once you have discovered your feelings for your partner give it some time to settle down. It may only be an infatuation and will go away with time. Hence, it could be irrational to complicate a relation based on infatuation. If you discover that the other party doesn’t feel the same way it may be a good idea to move away or develop platonic feelings for him/her.

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