Thursday, 25 October 2012

Girl's Ambition To Build "Pontiac Fiero" Prior Age 16

Michigan couple years back, Jerry DiMaria signed up for an online forum and started a new thread: "A few months ago," he wrote, "our 12 year old DAUGHTER came in and said, 'Dad, Mom, can we talk for a minute?'"

She said. I'd build a Pontiac Fiero, have four years to restore it, to learn how to budget and build -- and drive -- before 16. It'd get good gas mileage. They'd never fear a breakdown or a crooked mechanic. I'd do it all by myself.

Seems like madness. Her Parent agreed to make her dreams come true. They lived in Michigan. Her dad a Corvette guy, and the Fiero wasn't produced in her lifetime, but she had seen the little sports car at an auto show, and knew it was her "dream car".

Her father "DiMaria" wrote. Maybe she'd forget about it with the start of soccer or a new "Hunger Games" book, but she'd never come to them with an idea like this before. Why not try? "Is it just me, or do I have a really cool daughter?"

After her dad's first message in the forum, they wanted photos of the car and updates on the project. They've all got a car in the garage, or a car in their head, but nobody could remember a build, sparked by a 12-year-old girl with wily curls and a wardrobe of oversized Central Michigan University shirts.

She's 14 now, she's done most of the work, but it turns out she hasn't done it alone. Every member of her family has been there to teach her how to handle tools or sew the interior fabric. Math and science learned at school are really working in the garage. And then there are the hundreds of Fiero lovers helping her to finish the project by 2014, when she'll turn 16.

ChiboyChuks Opinion: Congrats girl! Bravo! I believe strongly that "Impossibles Are Possible" Just Believe & Work Hard... A little more and the whole world would be celebrating with you.

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