Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cure for Dylan

We are running and skydiving to help find a cure for Rett Syndrome - a devastating disease which can affect any family.

Dylan is one such girl. Without a cure, her future is bleak. At the age of 2 she is already condemned to a life of total dependence - she is unable to walk, talk or use her hands. She faces the prospect of epilpesy, scoliosis and life-threatening breathing problems. She is in danger of sudden death.

But she CAN be saved. Rett Syndrome is the only neurological disease to have been reversed in the laboratory. We need your money to translate this research into a clinical cure.

Please give generously. All money goes to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK - an incredible charity delivering hope to hundreds of thousands of girls like Dylan.

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Thank you.

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